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:holly: Get ready for the holidays, everybody! :holly: :santa: :holly:

*Quick heads up: I'm a very big procrastinator, so there's no guarantee that I might get to your request. Thank you.



My critiques on other people's artwork. You can read my opinions on the details and feelings from the art I usually see.




I feel a little disoriented.

This is probably an ironic spin on my life, as my life is disorganized... but it's not like I'm letting work pile on me (which I kind of still am). It's more like nature's way isn't following my way... probably since last Winter.

Well, Winter doesn't matter much. We had a lot of snow days, and it took a while for me and my school to get back on schedule. What I'm worried about now, is my track season.

I wasn't going to bring this up online for personal accounts, but considering the series of events that happened before and during the Spring Break, I might as well vent it out. Two of my coaches went into an argument after last meet. After the argument was over, my team's coach decided to let us off easy. We didn't do much practice. Well, the argument was just one thing... nothing much of my business, as my other coach pointed out.

Then there was Monday practice. A few members made it to the track and field at our school, but we went home as the practice was cancelled. That meant that I took my bicycle outside for nothing... (except for two hot dogs at the convenience store)

Then there was the track meet. I usually skip online chat and RP (BTW, the Athletics Principal was interested in my RPs. He's a nice guy) just for a full 8 hour rest needed before I run the big events. The meet today got postponed for tomorrow. Now I really feel like I'm lost, that I'm heading into no direction, that I'm making these skipped RPs, these sacrifices, for nothing, that I'm wasting time with track. I'm not entirely pissed off at God for making it rain, I'm not kicking myself for being disorganized... I just feel mislead... losing my trust in my coaches.

I addressed this to my mom who addressed this to the Athletics Principal who addressed this with me. He said that he'll try to find out what's going on with the coaches. I talked to one of my coaches, and the reason why practice was cancelled yesterday was because one of the coaches had a migraine.

For a moment, I felt like giving up track. I have this moment a few times, but I think I almost really meant it. But on the other hand, it's probably just me acknowledging my angst, like my counselor said. It's probably just angst leaving me. After all, I did have fun with Saturday's meet at the morning, eating cupcakes and snowballs, and I am breaking records with 12:21 being my record time in the two mile. Even the Athletics Principal said it would be a "tragedy" to have me quit the team.

I'm just venting again. Besides, I have enough on my plate to be bothered with what goes on between my coaches.
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Anthony (Tony)
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Hey guys. First off, I like zangeese (of course). I also like to admire different cultures such as the Japanese and the Europeans. I am an 80's music and movie fan. I really admire Hayao Miyazaki's works and movies. I am also on the modern side as well. Thanks for visiting my page.

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