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SANDAL SEASON!!! Expect a lot of paws to be seen this Summer of 2014!



My critiques on other people's artwork. You can read my opinions on the details and feelings from the art I usually see.




In honor of dA's 14th birthday, and for the heck of it, here's the story of how I went from Bro to Tony in less than three years.

I first joined dA on Halloween, 2011. I had drawing experience from Flipnote Studio. The first artworks on dA that I have done were more avant garde from my Flipnote drawing style. I also didn't have much experience using digital drawing programs. So what I did on the computer strongly contrasted from what I done on my DSi.

My first deviant art by TypicalZangooseFanZangoose Ghost by TypicalZangooseFanAngel Z by TypicalZangooseFan

Eventually, my digital art style began to leak into my DSi art style. It has also merged with my traditional art style as well. I had an even crispier distinction on my art style. However, near mid 2012, I started getting into furries some more. My attempts at drawing anthropomorphic characters started appearing silly or just plain cartoon like.

Luna the kitten in Anthro form by TypicalZangooseFanAnthro Zangoose by TypicalZangooseFan

One artist that has helped me with my style was JackPyro. He drew many anthropomorphic furries in a style that I immensely admired. I tried basing my style of anthros off of his artwork. I even drew him a gift on his birthday to show my appreciation in his artwork. It was not only Jack helping me, my sister (now formerly Dreamsel) sometimes modeled for me. I tried incorporating as much of the human anatomy and pose as I could at the moment. It was not until 2013, when my style truly flourished.

Bro's got a boombox by TypicalZangooseFanFor JackPyro by TypicalZangooseFanYou've been challenged by PKMN TRAINER KEN! by TypicalZangooseFan

By late 2012 and early 2013, I started doing actual animals instead of copyrighted characters. I felt that if I were to try furry art, I should incorporate some originality. Thus, my own original cast was born, and still growing. With characters such as Ken the Hyena and Jenny the Coyote, I seem to travel more down the road of improvement. I also started getting into roleplaying with some of my friends. With the help of marshallfox, TheShadowEevee255, and many others, my characters gained personality quickly. Sadly, all was not good in 2013. JackPyro bites the dust, and Flipnote Hatena shuts down in May. To be honest, I have grown so far apart from my old Flipnote style, that trying to return to posting flipnotes became a psychological and physical struggle.

Bro is a samurott?!?! by TypicalZangooseFanAlex Valiant, the zangoose of 1,000 thangs by TypicalZangooseFanGentlemen... by TypicalZangooseFanAnother idea for an anthro character by TypicalZangooseFanThis is Amy by TypicalZangooseFan

In the summer of 2013, my style began to flourish again. Attention to detail has increased as I started studying muscle and bone structure, as well as proportion. My characters start to appear more human-like. With the Hatena years behind me, I started moving on to dA as well as other websites. Hey, a titanic amount of talent cannot stay pooled into one area. It was time to branch out. Also, more people joined in our daily roleplays, adding to the fun of our stories. Also, Jenny got a redesign. Need I say more?

The girl is back in town! by TypicalZangooseFanAcoustic Hyena by TypicalZangooseFanOh, Rule 63... by TypicalZangooseFanEclipse, the demon bat by TypicalZangooseFanThanksgiving Dinner Crashers by TypicalZangooseFan

Christmas time comes, and what I get for a present is an actual digital tablet! Now, my traditional drawing and digital drawing merges once again! The tablet works like a charm, and I have been capable of creating digital images even better. The traditional style of drawing carries on in my future works. Of course, I still draw traditionally. I have also played around with Photoshop over the years, creating surreal and abstract photo manipulations. Occasionally, I do post an actual photo without editing. The huge switch in media signifies yet another period in my art history. This artistic period also kind of got a little more mature. I'm kind of going through some phase in which I start tackling either sexual art or vent artwork. My art is increasing in maturity, as my limits extend once more.

Disoriented by TypicalZangooseFanCoyote del pesce by TypicalZangooseFanStar Spangled Coyote by TypicalZangooseFanHeartless by TypicalZangooseFanFloat by TypicalZangooseFanVirginity.JPEG by TypicalZangooseFan

And the story continues from here...

More characters are arriving, and I am in the middle of a new plot I have thought of. It's taking place in the RP's I am doing currently, and I am trying my hardest to draw more and provide all my fans with more art. Next year, I'll be away at college. Starting this August, I want to make this year count before I leave to campus, but before I do that, I want to give thanks to all who have supported me, no matter what I do, no matter what comes in my way, no matter what comes in all of your way, no matter what the matter... thank you all for being there for me, and thanks for continuing to be there when I need you.

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Anthony (Tony)
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Hey guys. First off, I like zangeese (of course). I also like to admire different cultures such as the Japanese and the Europeans. I am an 80's music and movie fan. I really admire Hayao Miyazaki's works and movies. I am also on the modern side as well. Thanks for visiting my page.

:iconjapanplz::iconjapan2plz: :iconeuropeplz: :icondevoplz: :icontarakoplz::iconspiritedawayplz: :iconstarfoxplz: :iconbambooplz: :iconstormplz:


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